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We are pride that our services are reliable, efficient and of quality to our guests. Our competitive edge is modern coaches and unique transfer services, experienced and responsible tour guides and professional arrangement of the trips.

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Damavand Trekking

If you are about to visit Iran just for climbing Damavand, this package is suitable for you. Included of visa, all the transfers, guides, permit and warm food. Climbing on a sunny day will give you a view of the desert at the center of Iran! Stay a day in a shelter and do one or two acclimatization hikes. Its better to climb Damavand at 3 AM. Its easy to summit the mountain from the south face on summer time and its a non-technical climb.

Damavand - Alam Kouh Trekking

Climb two giant mountains of Iran in one package .Alam Kuh is located at Elborz ragnge at north pf Iran. It is 4850 meters high and the seconf highest peak of Iran. First time it was climbed by two German brothers in 1902. The north face of Alam Kuh has wonderful mountaineering routes. Services are included of visa, Transfers, guides, warm foods. Its worth the trip.

Zard Kouh (Zagros) Trekking

4200 meters high and 13 mounts above four thousand meters around! Got four natural glaciers and two beautiful lakes. Located in central Zagross range. The longest river of Iran i.e Karun starts from Zard Kuh. For reaching yourself to Zard Kuh you need to go to Chahar Mahaal Bakhtiari province first. Services are included of visa, Transfers, guides, warm foods and fresh fruits.

Chelgerd off-piste skiing

Chelgerd is a city and the capital of Kuhrang Country.Chegred got one of the best quality snow in the world for off-piste skiing. Its 200 KM from Isfahan. Its a popular destination for skiers from various parts of the world. This area of Zagros is a gold mine for ski touring. You can find lots of intact slpoes around. At winter time, the road to Chelgerd is well maintained. There are three hotels in Chelgerd..

Sabalan Trekking

Its the third highest mountain in Iran. it is 4811 meters high. At the top of Sabalan there is a lake. Sabalan is a little bit higher than Mount Blanc in the Alps. There are hot springs at foot of the mountain. There are nomadic people who live at this area. Also there is a ski resort at Sabalan known as Alvarez. According to Zoroastrians, this mountain is a sacred place .

Dizin Shemshak Tochal Ski Tour

Enjoy seven days of skiing in Iran. The most complete ski tour. Dizin is the largest ski resort in Iran. Shemshak is one of the most popular ski fields near Tehran. Shemshak is suitable for those who are professional skiers. Tochal is located at north of Tehran and its the 5th highest ski resort in the world. At Tochal you can have a perfect view of Mt. Damavand.

Isfahan - Shiraz Tour

This route is known as the "Golden Route" of Iran. At Isfahan there are many historic sites and beautiful buildings to visit. Also Isfahan is the capital of culture in Iran. If you are visiting Isfahan dont miss the Molla-Bashi House. Its the most beautiful house i Iran. very colorful and nice. At Shiraz there is Persepolis, the palace of the great kings of Achievement dynasty.