About us

Once a group of tourists decided to visit deserts of Iran. At the time Halle (Taymaz CEO) was working at another company. The tourists called the company and complaint about lack of water. Halle investigated and found out that the company’s boss ordered the guides to reduce the costs by buying less water. The tourists were on the bus at the hot desert more than 17 hours and not enough drinking water. How come?

That night Halle had a quarrel with the company’s boss and resigned her job. That night she decided to found her own company. Taymaz Adventure Iran. A company that values the tourists and considers them as “guests”.

She believed instead of spending lots of money on advertising, it’s better to provide high quality services so that the tourists refer us to their friends. In her opinion, word-of-mouth advertising is the best method of marketing. This is the philosophy behind Taymaz Adventure Iran.


Halle Hashemi


Halle Hashemi is Taymaz Adventure CEO. She is graduated in tourism and has more than a decade experience in tourism industry. She was CEO of two major tourism companies in Iran and has arranged and operated more than hundred cultural, adventure and religious tours. She is also a fashion designer and amateur painter. Discipline is the most suitable word to describe her.

Dr Hamed

Communications, social media and website

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Dr. Hamed is managing the Taymaz Adventure Group communications, social media and website. As an expert in law and author of five journal articles and two books in the field of human rights, has joined us recently due to his English abilities and sweet tempered personality. He is also a university lecturer. He lived at Malaysia more than four years (Since 2011-2015) and was a private tour guide there. He spent few years of his life on mountain climbing, rock climbing and skiing. Now he is engaged in martial arts. Commitment and hardworking are among his positive features.

Hussain H.S

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Hussain H.S. with more than four decades experience in climbing the mountains of Iran is a source of inspiration for us. Although he is at the age of seventy but, still able to climb Damavand easily. This year while climbing Kolon Bastak, he encountered a team from United States, all of them wearing green and …..