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March 31, 2020
Damavand Trek

Mt. Tachal (3965 meters), acclimatization for Damavand trek

Mount Tochal is located at central Alborz and north of Tehran. At north of Tochal judge-rude and Shahrestanak valley and […]
January 30, 2020
Damavand Trek

Iran’s best sights in winter (Part 1)

Iran’s best sights in winter Iran is a four season country. There are a variety of entertainment and recreations that […]
January 27, 2020
Damavand Trek

Dena Mountain, Ghash Mastan Peak, 4450 meters!!!

Dena Mountain is located at Zagros Range. Dena is 50 kilometers long. It got more than 40 peaks above 4000 […]
January 26, 2020
Damavand Trek

How to climb Mt. Kolakchal

Kolakchal is a peak located North of Tehran and in the southern parts of the Alborz range. Mt. Kolakchl is […]